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Synionic lubrication technology is a new breed in lubrication technology, that of Surface Active, so referred to due to it’s ability to withstand extreme pressures, with a resultant compression and smoothening effect on any working surface it is applied to. Synionic products are designed to withstand pressures in excess of 220,000 p.s.i. which when compared to that of a race spec synthetic, being approximately 6,500 p.s.i. you can see that the difference is phenomenal. The benefits of our technology are huge in whatever application it’s applied to, whether that be within the arena of motorsport, domestic, industrial and commercial.

Synionic’s superior lubrication technology has proven itself in the demanding world of motorsport for many years, but whose advantages are not limited purely to this arena. Synionic now produce a full range of Industrial and Commercial lubricants that offer the same performance, reliability and maintenance benefits that have experienced by top motorsport teams.


A.B.S. Lubricants was established in 1998 as a manufacturer of all types of lubricants, brake fluids, radiator coolants and Lithium based greases. It is ICS JAS-ANZ Accredited plant, and ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified, with a capacity to produce 30,000 tonnes of lubricant and 1,500 tonnes of grease per annum.

Formed under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ABS Lubricant’s state of the art blending facilities, grease plant, and military grade laboratory, has served the region’s lubricants requirements with precision and expertise. The factory not only produces under it’s own brands of Top Lube and Synionic, but also produces on behalf of numerous lubricants manufacturer’s including Shell, Gulf Oil, Emarat, and many more.

The portfolio of products available from ABS Lubricants is extensive and capable of meeting the needs of all but the most specialised of applications, in which case tailor made lubricant solutions can also be developed and produced, utilising the military grade laboratory and oil analysis and asset management program available to satisfy the requirements of an ever changing environment within which we operate today


Top Lube is a brand synonymous with the manufacturing of a wide range of quality lubricants, lithium based greases and specialty products for the automotive and industrial sectors since 1998, with significant export markets such as Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Indonesia.

Top Lube engine oils comply with the regulatory requisites of the governing body API and various heavy engine builders and OEM’s such as Volkswagen AG, Porsche, MAN, Daimler Chrysler Mercedes-Benz Cummins Engine Co., DENISON Hydraulics and NMMA for out-board oils.



Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Suncor Energy is an integrated global energy company strategically focused on developing Canada’s oil sands and maintaining a strong Canadian downstream brand, solid conventional exploration and production assets, and low-cost production from Canada’s east coast and internationally.

With refineries in Edmonton, Alberta, Sarnia, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Commerce City, Colorado. We also sold about 15% of all petroleum products sold in Canada in 2008.

A Suncor Energy business, Petro-Canada is "Canada’s Gas Station" with a network of more than 1,500 retail and wholesale outlets across Canada, and a specialty lubricants business — the largest producer of quality lubricant base stocks in Canada.

ABS Lubricants is proud to be Petro-Canda’s distributor for the UAE, and GCC region.